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Benny and a very tired dr.pepper

Benny and a very tired dr.pepper

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the end of the journey

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Well, not quite the end of the journey, but close enough. I´ve finished my Spanish studies, got my certificate, said goodbye to quite a few people, and there´s only one night left in Madrid. Granted, it´s gonna take 31 hours to get back to Melbourne, but that´s besides the point.

School was pretty tough this week... No details necessary. But the nights have been enjoyable as always. Had paella (awesome Spanish dish) one night, went to a karaoke bar another night, and been to discoteques these last two nights. I´ve made some great friends while here, which has been very cool. Also discovered things about myself that I never knew before; when someone you´ve just met tells you that you have such and such a characteristic which you were never aware of, it really strikes you. I´m looking forward to coming home to a cold bottle of Dr Pepper and, of course, all you people. Not looking forward to coming back to Melbourne weather at all, since it´s basically going to be a 30 degree drop for me. Also not looking forward to lots of goodbyes: not because they´re emotional, but because they´re awkward and they stress me out.

That´s all from me. See you in a few days!


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about this last week

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Well, this time next week I´ll probably be in Kuala Lumpur. But at the moment I´m just enjoying myself in Spain. Today I made a daytrip into Toledo with a few friends from school. Was pretty tired, but after some healthy conversation with a variety of people, I feel like doing something. Which makes it odd that I´m writing a diary entry...

Anyway, it´s been a great week. Lots of school (and, for the first time, homework...) and lots of going out. Also lots of staying inside for laidback but very humorous times. Also a lot of playing guitar, and a lot of new songs. Saw some flamenco the other night, which was pretty amazing. Makes me feel kinda crap with my little songs. But it was inspiring anyway.

Ok, well now that I think about it, I don´t feel like writing anymore. Hope you´re all enjoying winter. Unfortunately, I´m gonna have to enjoy it with you shortly.


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about matadors and castles

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Friday night I saw a bullfight, which cost me a grand price of €3 (which is less than $5 AUD). Didn´t stay for the whole thing. Some of the people I was with walked out about five minutes into the show. I stayed with three others to see two bulls get killed. It´s a very violent and cruel sort of ´sport´. Basically the bull runs out charging at people, who hide behind these little walls. Then out comes the matador with his red flag and plays with the animal for a bit. This whole section goes for about five minutes. After this, a guy on horseback comes out with a spear. Now we´re just waiting for the bull to charge the horse (which is heavily protected, and also blindfolded) so the guy can send the spear into the bull´s back. And that´s just the start. It goes for maybe another ten minutes, with the bull eventually collapsing, and some guy cutting its throat. Then it gets dragged around the stadium behind some horses.

The highlight was seeing one of the matador´s get spiked by the bull.

Saturday, one group was going to Grenada, but that looked to expensive, so I headed to Segovia for the afternoon on my lonesome. Very nice little day trip, listening to the Living End all the way. Segovia has three main sights: Roman aqueducts, a castle and a cathedral. Quite amazing stuff some of it. I was especially impressed by the cathedral. Man those things are huge. You could almost bungy inside them.

Today I´m taking it easy. Will probably head to a museum with Salvador Dali work in a bit, since it´s free on Sundays. That´s the kind of activity I like.

Take care, don´t do drugs, and next time you drink Dr Pepper think of me.

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